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In Business to Business, Volumes of the transaction are quite high and the value per transaction is much higher which cannot be stored and managed haphazardly. StrategicERP B2B CRM system helps businesses in a situation like launching a spaceship into outer space. We understand every opportunity worth millions plus and businesses will require a smart tool to break from the gravitational powers and get the highest business effectiveness with automation of B2B CRM solution. Here, StrategicERP B2B CRM software is comprehensive for the B2B segment.

StrategicERP B2B CRM software equipped to track target customers, enhance sales efficiency, identify lead sources, show agent activity reports and offer vital information with dashboards and visual reports. StrategicERP prefers to be a true technology partner and help organizations in their expansion plans.



  • Enhanced and improved opportunity management.
  • CRM for B2B gives integrated assistance across channels.
  • Easily adaptable to support multiple roles and meet the requirement of specific users.
  • Improved customer services efficiency and effectiveness.
  • B2B CRM lowers the administration sales support cost.
  • Automatic and improved lead nurturing.
  • Scheduled reports and email delivery.
  • Follow-up reminders and emails lead recycling and routing.
  • Follow-up drip emails and reminders.
  • Automatic call prioritization.
  • Customized product and services.
  • Improved customer services efficiency and effectiveness.
  • CRM for B2B makes sales more efficient.
  • Individualized marketing messages also called as campaigns.
  • Enhanced ability to target profitable customer.
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