WHY Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a complete suite of software that will empower your business with well planned CRM, social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team. Bitrix24 gives you a wide variety of real time communication tools, right from phone calls, group chat and instant messaging to video calls and video conferencing. Easily manage your file sharing, project management, CRM, calendars and more with Bitrix24. It is the right platform for efficient management of your internal and external resource management, to make it a better workplace where teams are working together from different locations.



Bitrix24 has a mobile application which is enabled with all the functionality that you do on PC otherwise. With the free mobile app you can view your projects and work on it from anywhere. Bitrix24 app is available on android as well as ios devices for all your employees to stay connected. The mobile application can funtion as a mobile CRM and control social intranet portal and mobile HRMS system


This software offers free webmail service that works with all major email providers. The fully functional email service in Bitrix24 has features like unlimited email space and a built in anti-virus and lots more. Creating task and events from incoming  mails just got easier with Bitrix24.


In today’s ever changing dynamic business world, real time communication is an integral part of any business. Bitrix24 provides you all the necessary RTC tools required for your business like group chat, instant messaging, video chat, video conferencing, mobile chat and much more. The mobile app supports Bitrix24’s chat, video and audio calls.


Bitrix24 offers a perfect project and task management tool helping you to manage personal and group level interactions. Project management just got easier with this dedicated project management module. Features like Gantt charts and Kanban views are provided to efficiently plan your tasks and projects. Checklists and task reports can easily be generated using the report generator tool.


Bitrix24 offers a collaborative customer relationship management module to seamlessly communicate with clients, leeds, vendors, dealers and much more. You can manage interactions between potential customers and assign specific tasks to employees in your organization. Bitrix24 offers various modules for your CRM like invoicing, reports and sales funnels, calls and emails to clients, business process and much more.


Bitrix24 provides you a dedicated document management system which will help you sort your important data in one place which is very crucial for any business. You can easily share documents within you company and also gain access to old documents with the instant search feature. This software will enable you to easily edit documents with applications on your PC and let you create custom document workflows.


Coordinating employee schedule and resources is more simplified with Bitrix24 calendars. The software is enabled with work group and personal calendars. Event scheduler helps you plan events virtually without emailing back and forth. You can easily schedule meetings, use absence charts if you are planning to be on leave. Calendars can be integrated with your CRM

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